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IMG_5404International Cycling MTB Marathons Kresowe (Maratony Kresowe) are organized since 2009. Events are organized mostly in the north-eastern Poland in areas attractive for tourists. One of our race takes place in Belarus, near Grodno, and one in Lithuania. 

Full calendar can be found on our home page.


– Micro: 200-400m, for children up to 6 years

– Mini: about 8kmIMG_0649

– Half Marathon (Półmaraton): 30 – 35km

– Marathon: 60-70km

Over 30 age categories

Each race has its own website. You’ll find all the information about the race, place, route, etc., for example. Information is in Polish, but we hope that with the help of a translator you will be able to understand it.

Start usually: Mini at 10.25, Marathon at 11.30, Half Marathon at 11.40.Cchildren start at 10.15.


melnik_0087* Online registration or you can send email to rejestracja@maratonykresowe.pl with registration form.

* You can also register on-site in 8:30 – 10:45, but you will pay more.

Start fee:

* Marathon, Half Marathon: 50PLN, 65PLN (onsite registration)

* Mini: 30PLN

* Micro: 10PLN

melnik_0021More information:

E-mail: biuro@maratonykresowe.pl

Phone: +48 509 282 463

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